6-Liter Professional Transmission Fluid Pump Kit

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  • 6 Liter Capacity
  • 8 Piece Transmission Adapter Set
  • Pressure Based Operation
  • Quick On/Off Valve at Pump & Adapter End

Many modern automobiles use transmissions so-called "bottom-fill" ports for transmission fluid.  This means that there is no way to pour transmission fluid into the transmission, but, rather it must be pumped in from below.

To make this possible these transmissions use a variety of adapters that attach to the bottom of the transmission, usually using same port for draining the filling.

Our 6 liter transmission fluid pump was designed with these transmissions in mind.  It includes a full set of transmission adapters for the most common European, Japanese and American automobiles. 

Pressure Operated

Pressure operated is superior to normal "fluid pump" type operation used by most fluid pumps.  Using pressure allows for a smoother flow of fluid, plus, you can pressurize the pump before attaching to the transmission.  Once attached, simply open the valve at the transmission end and fluid will begin flowing into the transmission.

Adapter Set

Our 8-piece adapter set includes the most popular adapters for bottom-fill transmissions, including:

  • VW/Audi DSG Adapter
  • VW/Audi CVT Adapter
  • Mercedes 7-Speed (722.9) Adapter
Plus, the kit includes non-specific tubes in a variety of configurations for other transmissions.

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