EXtoil Brake Bleeder Kit

  • $29.95

Small innovations make great products, and that explains this kit perfectly.  Brake bleeding is usually a messy affair, but, with this kit the chances of spilling brake fluid are nearly eliminated.

This kit begins with a special-designed bleeder wrench.  This wrench has a unique socket at the end that attaches to the brake bleeder and seals it at the same time.  The captive wrench handle makes loosening and tightening the bleeder easy, especially if you aren't able to easily see it!

Second, the tube includes a built-in one-way valve.  This is included for one-person brake bleeding via pedal pumping, negating the need to open and close the bleeder screw every time the pedal is pressed and released.

Finally, this kit includes a 500cc brake fluid capture bottle with built-in hanger.  Hang the bottle anywhere near the caliper to free up your hands.  The bottle top has a secure attachment point for the hose, ensuring the hose doesn't come free and spill fluid.